Lift System

Need A Lift? LIFT is an installation technique utilized in retail and open-office environments.Rather than removing and reinstalling shelves and work stations, electrical cables and communication lines, which can become cost-prohibitive, we lift shelves, work stations, and office equipment right in place, remove the old carpet, install the new flooring, and lower the furniture and equipment without moving it.

All Floors routinely performs LIFT installations and has been doing so for many years. LIFT work is typically performed at off hours so the client’s business is not interrupted, meaning there is little to no downtime for the business. This is an important aspect of LIFT, because by eliminating downtime for a business, the client is able to keep running at full speed. This also means the client avoids the cost associated with downtime, which can often be greater than the cost of the new floor. We simply work around the client’s schedule.